• Customized Facial

    This facial is designed to address your specific needs and skin care goals. A brief consultation prior to your appointment will allow us to create a unique treatment with skin-type specific cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and an individualized treatment mask for optimal skin health. Includes a relaxing massage for the face, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.

    $100 / 75 min

  • Deluxe Customized Facial

    Indulge and relax with incredible sensations and euphoric aromas. This treatment combines all the steps of the customized facial then adds a relaxing aromatherapy scalp and foot massage. This is serious pampering!

    $135 / 90 min

  • Acne Clearing Facial

    This treatment aids in the clearing of blemishes, congested pores, and deeply cleanses skin. A combined pressure point and lymphatic drainage massage will help promote healing. Customized anti-bacterial serums and mask assist skin to be blemish free and healthier.

    $100 / 75 min

  • Melanin Suppressant Facial

    Lighten and brighten skin tone with our pigment reduction enzyme. Skin is treated with a unique blend of lightening nutrients and layered with a customized treatment mask.

    $100/ 75 min

  • Purifying Back Treatment

    Feel confident to go strapless or shirtless! This treatment will help clear acne, reduce scars and even skin tone on your back.

    $105/ 60 min

  • Triple Enzyme Treatment

    Experience the ultimate in skin vitality. This facial targets dry, dull looking, photo-aged skin. A unique three layered enzyme treatment will deliver a potent dose of antioxidants and nutrients, as well as smooth, rebuild and purify the skin. A powerful organic protein-based lifting mask will tighten and firm skin. Look and feel radiant.

    $125 / 75 min

  • Wine Peptide Lift & Tone Treatment

    This dynamic combination is your triple defense to combat aging. This advanced treatment includes an apple wine peel and a peptide lifting mask to address muscle tone and sagging skin. For the grand finale, receive a session of LED light therapy followed by a mist of pure oxygen infused with vitamins. Your skin will look and feel younger, visibly lifted, toned, and hydrated. Fine lines and wrinkles will be visibly reduced without pain or injections!

    $150 / 90 min

  • Naturally Soothing Facial

    This soothing facial is an excellent treatment for rosacea and sensitive skin. A blend of bromelain enzyme gives the skin antioxidant benefits while dissolving keratin and aiding in the removal of cells. Soothing serums strengthen capillaries, provide mitochondrial support, and reduce inflammation.

    $100 / 75 min

  • Express Facial

    For those on the go, this quick facial uses customized fruit enzymes to give your skin a polished vibrant glow.

    $65/ 30 min


  • LED Light Therapy

    Also known as photo-rejuvenation, a blend of different colored LED lights in combination with specific wavelengths rebuild, repair, and strengthen the skin from the inside out. Proven to visibly reduce the signs of aging, sun-damage, acne, and rosacea.


  • Oxygen Therapy

    A combination of pure oxygen and micronized vitamins and minerals are infused into the skin. Your pores will literally breathe in nourishment, leaving your skin completely hydrated, plumped, and glowing.


  • Aromatherapy Scalp Massage

    A relaxing scalp massage with a blend of essential oils, stimulates hair growth, and relieves stress and tension for the whole body.


  • Deluxe Eye Treatment

    The first place to show your age is the eyes. This specialized treatment will reduce puffiness, plump fine lines, and hydrate and lift eye area. Includes Peel, LED Light, and Oxygen.


  • Hand Treatment

    Nurture your hands with this powerful rejuvenating treatment that will lighten and brighten skin tone and reduce age spots. LED Light is included.


  • Foot Reflexology

    Stimulate your body’s natural healing energy with specific pressure points on your feet. This treatment will add maximum relaxation to any facial.


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